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    2016 Rose Parade Theme Pin 
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    Band Fest 
Custom Products
Milestone Products specializes in the production of custom, hand crafted metal works, such as: lapel pins, magnets, medals, coins, and key chains. We have helped people from all backgrounds, use products to promote their organization, event, or fundraiser. We have done it all and would like to be by your side through each step of your custom products. Take a look at some of our work and contact us about your promotional needs.
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Just looking to add some pins to your collection? Need a small and simple gift, possible for yourself? Searching for stocking stuffers or trinkets? Visit our online store, hosted by Amazon.com, for our exclusive line of tournament and event pins. Check out our Milestone hosted Generic Line of gifts including Zodiac Pins, Seasonal sets, and custom key chains. Always being updated with new products.
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